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Consultoria em EAD

A EDUCAM é referência no desenvolvimento de Portais Institucionais incluindo serviços de customização de ambientes virtuais de aprendizagem, além de oferecer cursos online e consultoria em design instrucional para Educação a Distância.

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Feature 1

Personalização de Rede Social

A EDUCAM é uma empresa pioneira em estratégias de criação, desenvolvimento, assessoria e manutenção de Redes Sociais virtuais personalizadas para instituições e empresas, integrando soluções da web 2.0 de forma inovadora.

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Feature 1

Formação Profissional

A EDUCAM é uma empresa especializada em tecnologia educacional, oferecendo diversos serviços de treinamento entre suas principais atividades está a realização profissional de eventos de formação, tais como palestras, cursos, seminários e congressos.

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Masteron cutting cycle - Buy Steroids online

Masteron cutting cycle



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The NCAA bans performance enhancing drugs to protect student-athlete health and safety and ensure a level playing field, and it also recognizes that some of these substances may be legitimately used as medications to treat student-athletes with learning disabilities and other medical conditions. Accordingly, the NCAA allows exceptions to be made for those student-athletes with a documented medical history demonstrating the need for regular use of such a drug. The benefit of a medical exception procedure is that in most cases the student-athlete's eligibility remains intact during the process. Exceptions may be granted for substances included in the following classes of banned drugs: stimulants, beta blockers, diuretics, anti-estrogens, anabolic agents (steroids)*, and peptide hormones* (NCAA Bylaw 31. The institution, through its director of athletics, may request an exception for use of an anabolic agent or peptide hormone by submitting to The National Center for Drug Free Sport (Drug Free Sport) any medical documentation it wishes to have considered. It is the responsibility of the institution to educate student-athletes about this policy, and to follow-up with any student- athlete who identifies the use of a banned medication to determine if standard non-banned medications have been pursued and documented. In order for a student-athlete to be granted a medical exception for the use of a medication that contains a banned substance, the student-athlete must: 1.


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